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Commerce over communication - the fight against rock lyrics
October 1999

You know how it is when you sing with the song and suddenly you don't know what the next line is. Lyrics of rock-songs are sometimes essential for appreciating the song, and sometimes they are essential to let your lover know how you feel.

I don't believe that rock-musicians have anything against the display of the lyrics on the WWW. I can't imagine that they're money-greedy as their managers and publishing companies which have an interest to make money just because you want to know that next line.

The International Lyric Server was a labor of love project by a Swiss guy and the community which submitted lyrics. Now, the server's been shut down ... and it re-emerged as a sub-division of some US company which claims to represent the musicians.

No relevant lyrics are available anymore and the web-site has an appalling design and structure. Not much is working at all.

I'm angry about this "development", as it only alienates us from the music we love. This US company certainly has no support from my side and I can only say: Shame on you!!

Rock music is public domain even though the artists and record companies earn a lot of money from it.

Give us back the lyrics ...

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