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Got to get everything
June 1999

There's a feeling of despair when you watch some of the old rock-bands performing on TV just because they've re-united to cash in again.

Yep, don't we like the sound and voices. We do, of course, but then there are people performing who look like my father and they can't even pretend not to be. They're old guys, and they're performing lousy - with the exception of Master Jagger, of course, who is still able to pretend convincingly that he's a little bit beyond the age of satisfaction.

I can't help, but getting angry at those buddies trying to attract young people to their achievements which lie way back in the 70s. Take bands like Aerosmith or Bad Company, for example, who offend our feelings of having been with them by simply re-surfacing again. Nothing worse than white guys pretending being groovy. They ain't.

Here's my advice: listen to the music and don't watch them on TV, they're as awful as Joan Collins pretending to be 30-something while everybody knows she's not. Nothing against her individual wish to be someone more attractive than she's been before the invention of cosmetic surgery. But do we need to watch these people just because they're ego-trippers? I don't know.

Good rock 'n' roll does not need pictures, but rhythm. It needs confidence and a good portion of credibility. Can anyone join Master Jagger singing "I can't get no ..."? Well, being as old as this bloke seems to be, I admit, I can't join him anymore. Perhaps that's my problem - but then again, that's what needs to be said in a column like this.

Or am I again all along the watchtower preferring to being watched rather than focussing the light on someone else?

Hey-ho, it's getting winter down here, while you will appreciate great summer-concerts and festivals. Hope, you'll enjoy the musicians and don't forget the advice of Taxiride: "Get set". Great song, by the way. Check out the relevant online CD shops.

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