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Things we forgot - or what?
March 1999

Let me put this right: Live concerts are essential for rock-music - don't we enjoy them? Well, given the musicians aren't drugged or suffer from other diseases impairing their capacities to deliver what they've promised after releasing their music on CDs and other media.

The other day, I read a news item that New Years Eve 1999 is going to become a major cash-in date for musicians. Rather than playing for free by celebrating the new millenium, "our heroes" seem to decide the opposite: if you're crazy enough to listen to our music on New Years Eve 1999, you'll pay.

And I'm not talking about ticket prices you and I can afford. The Eagles are supposed to have a party in L.A. - for US$1,500 per person. Jimmy Buffett in Las Vegas is supposed to be only slightly cheaper: US $1,200.

Shan't we ask John Lennon to come back for about ... no, we shall not. And we shall not ask The Eagles and Jimmy Buffett and all the other freaks to tell us they'd be worth the price they ask for. We shall avoid these people.

Just a minute of thought, dear Reader: rock music was supposed to be the music of people like you and me. It was supposed to be music of rebellion, reflection and relaxation, but nowhere was there the sign to be read: "The Department of Health recommends: Rock-Music is dangerous to your bank account."

Holy Moses (apologies, Moses), this maddening business is pulling all the roots it may have enjoyed and it transforms to the next big thing managed by Wall Street kids.

So, this is the money-making machine called rock-music - and we're all subjected to it one way or the other, but particularly as fans.

It makes me sick that bands and singer-songwriters sell their little bit of human touch for a price which only those can pay who've lost that touch years ago.

Gimme shelter.

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